Medicare Breakdown

Part A

Hospital Insurance

Part B

Medical Insurance


Medicare Supplement

Part D

Prescription Drug Plans

Part E

Medicare Advantage Plans

Watch this video to learn the difference between Parts A, B, C, D & Supplements

Medicare is a federal program that ensures citizens who are disabled or 65 and older have affordable health care options. It is also one of the most complex systems of insurance to understand because of the rules, regulations, deadlines, penalties, compliance guidelines, and other policies and procedures set forth by the federal government. Fortunately, our knowledgeable team is well versed in the do’s and do not’s of Medicare. We are here to assist you along your Medicare purchasing journey, ensuring that you find the right coverage for your individual needs. Click here to download the official Medicare & You 2024 booklet.

Medicare FAQ

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Dean Jones

When I turned 65 there was no other person or no other people to turn to but to Sandra and Jess!! We deeply appreciate the continued, outstanding customer service – getting questions answered whenever a need arises and feeling the support and the availability of the entire Easy Street staff. They handle each situation with professionalism and class.

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We want to give a heartfelt thank you to Easy Street. We were having trouble getting our Medicare Advantage Plan provider to pay a dental claim. Easy Street contacted them for us and found us even more savings than expected. It was easy to see that they truly cared about solving our problem.